Yoga and Ski Retreats

Yoga Ski RetreatWow, can it be that the holidays are already here? We’ve finally been getting some snow here in Colorado which always makes Christmas feel that much more special. But the white stuff has put just one thing on my mind: skiing! It’s the reason I moved to Colorado 15 years ago, and it still puts a smile on my face all these years later. As does yoga!

Finding a retreat that combines time on the hill with time on the mat would be a dream! So as I bid adieu to you until January 1 (with a special surprise or two!), and set off to enjoy my time away from work and with the family, I am happy to welcome Matt Candelaria, a friend of mine from Gaiam TV, with this guest post. 

Happy holidays, my friends! I hope you all get a little yoga as well as a little skiing or other outdoor playtime over the holiday break! xoxo Continue reading

Why Not to Multi-Task

According to a 2011 study by Careerbuilder,  nearly half of employers (45 percent) think workers at their organization are currently burned out on their jobs. Although this was a survey of employers specifically, the word “job” easily extends beyond the office to include parents and bloggers. After all, those are full-time positions for many, part-time for others. And what about those of us who are juggling all three?

Sound familiar? Continue reading

Road Trippin’ and Healthy Eatin’

We leave tomorrow for our official summer vacation: a weeklong road trip to Montana to visit my brother and his awesome gal, as well as their new home in the hills of Missoula. There’s the rodeo and new farmer’s markets, floats on the river, and lots of hikes ahead of us. Personally, I can’t wait to make friends with their flock of chickens!

I can’t say how much blogging I’ll get done next week, but I’ll surely be posting pictures and snippets of our adventures – which include a side step to Glacier National Park – on Twitter and Facebook. I’d love for you to follow along!

In the meantime, don’t you just love a good road trip?

It’s a 13-hour drive from our place to theirs. Lots of time for happy tunes, scenic views and mind wandering thoughts. That is of course when one of us isn’t in the back seat trying to occupy K-Bear. I’ve got a bag of tricks ready to go, but what I haven’t added to it yet is snacks. Continue reading