10 Ways to Think Outside the Proverbial Gift Box

I love the holiday season! That includes scoping out the neighbors’ holiday lights on the way home each evening; listening to holiday music in my office; gathering with friends for our annual HoliDaly party; sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree each night; and introducing K-bear to Santa, There is simply so much to enjoy!

What I don’t enjoy? The commercialism; the onset of Christmas in stores before Halloween candy has been handed out; the endless ads luring us to buy this and spend on that. I enjoy choosing gifts for my friends and family, but I prefer that those gifts that enhance our local community, celebrate local talent, provide to hard-working folks, or upcycle items in some special way, rather than simply put money into the pocket of another large corporation. Continue reading

National Yoga-Recess Campaign Aims to Bring Yoga into Classrooms

Thanks to A Charmed Yogi for bringing this brilliant campaign to my attention. If you are a teacher, principal or parent of a school-aged child, I hope you will consider championing this program at your school. Free materials and assistance are available.

Yoga-Recess in Schools is a national campaign to bring yoga-based health education into classrooms. Providing free online resources like instructional videos and lesson plans will make it easy and fun for school teachers to integrate yoga into their teaching schedule. This allows children to benefit from balancing their body and mind through breathing and stretching exercises. The national campaign will peak with Yoga-Recess Day, Friday January 25, 2013 with hundreds of participating school teachers and organizations. Continue reading

Yoga Retreat to Benefit Sanctuary for Research Animals

Swirl the dog, one of many lives saved by Kindness Ranch.

Practicing yoga and helping animals in need are very near and dear to my heart, so I’m thrilled to have this guest post today from Elena Mikhaylova. A yoga instructor in the Denver area, she is planning a weekend yoga retreat at Kindness Ranch, an animal sanctuary for research animals, in Heartville – I know, cute right! – Wyoming.

The September 7-9 stress relief focused weekend will include workshops on meditation, reiki and nutrition led by Sophia S. Paul as well as Bhakti flow and Doga (yoga for visitors and a dog from the ranch) led by Stephanie Uvalle. Visitors will also have the chance to take a tour of the ranch, work with the volunteers and animals, and hike in nearby Guernsey State ParkBeautiful Wyoming vistas? Yoga? Animals? Fabulous yurt accommodations? I’m in!  

Welcome, Elena! Continue reading

Supporting the Safe Chemicals Act

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about BPA in your canned food or phthalates in your plastics. Imagine having the peace of mind that the pan you are cooking dinner in won’t release a toxic chemical linked to cancer, or that the fragrance you’re breathing in isn’t linked to birth defects.

I am so thankful to my sister-in-law Lisa – another strong woman advocating for healthy change – for telling me about the Safe Chemicals Act! It has the power to protect us and our families from toxic chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm like infertility and birth defects, hormone disruption, asthma, and other serious illnesses by requiring chemicals to be proven safe before they are allowed for use in products. Continue reading