Making Self-Respect a Priority

Like many of you, I am distraught, saddened, and sick to my stomach over the recent shootings in Sandy Point, CT. As a parent of a young child, I cannot fathom the pain of this community, most especially those who lost loved ones. Sweet, innocent children filled with love and yearning taken from this life too early and for no good reason. Brave and selfless adults who gave their lives to save others. Families left devastated.

There are no words.

As we head into the holiday week and start thinking about a new year, it’s easy to get carried away with things that aren’t important. For me, my priorities have been – and remain to be – taking care of my family and boasting my self-worth.

Continue to keep your life’s priorities in mind and in perspective as we move through the peak of this holiday season. Remember who and what is most important to you and keep it close.

Self respect is a work in progress, an everyday reminder to act on the things in life that truly count:

Self Respect

My very best wishes to you for a holiday filled with peace, love and of course, self-respect. Please remember to keep those less fortunate than you in your thoughts. Let us all send loving energy their way so they may navigate through unimaginable difficulties to heal and prosper again as best they can.


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