National Yoga-Recess Campaign Aims to Bring Yoga into Classrooms

Thanks to A Charmed Yogi for bringing this brilliant campaign to my attention. If you are a teacher, principal or parent of a school-aged child, I hope you will consider championing this program at your school. Free materials and assistance are available.

Yoga-Recess in Schools is a national campaign to bring yoga-based health education into classrooms. Providing free online resources like instructional videos and lesson plans will make it easy and fun for school teachers to integrate yoga into their teaching schedule. This allows children to benefit from balancing their body and mind through breathing and stretching exercises. The national campaign will peak with Yoga-Recess Day, Friday January 25, 2013 with hundreds of participating school teachers and organizations. Continue reading

From Toddler to Sous Chef: How to Get Your Child Cooking this Summer

As a mom, who doesn’t like a little more help around the kitchen? I can’t think of a better time to solicit help than summer, when extra hours have us – and our kids – begging for activities.

When K-Bear turned 18-months-old, I quickly learned she wanted to help with everything, including cooking. Her little body would exert all the effort she had to push a stool from the corner of the kitchen right up to the counter next to me where she would eagerly ask for a boost up. Ever since, she’s become my favorite sidekick in the kitchen. Continue reading

The number one way to tell if you are mom material | Mile High Mamas

I came across this post today on Mile High Mamas and had to share. Given one day and two less-than-stellar nights in row with a sick toddler, I couldn’t have come across this at a better time.

I knew I’ve honed my wiping skills for a reason!

The number one way to tell if you are mom material | Mile High Mamas.