A Serendipitous Day is a Gift Itself (but These Other Ideas Don’t Hurt)

This year I am sharing Mother’s Day with K-Bear who will be celebrating her second birthday. This is rather serendipitous, because truthfully, at times I wasn’t sure I would survive motherhood for this long.

I’m not kidding.

But then I think of all the things I would not have experienced without it. Like trying to hide leaking boobs and sleep-deprived delirium at work, or waking from a dead slumber to be called into a dark room to search for a lost pig. Or scrambling to pull new items from my bag of tricks on a cross-country flight that took WAY too long while a tired and cranky one squirms and screams in my lap. Continue reading

Last Minute Gifts that Give

I may not have gotten Christmas cards out yet, but I have just one more stop to make and then my shopping list is complete. Phew (and we simplified this year)! Whether your list is long or short, there’s bound to be a few last gifts that have you breaking a sweat.

My advice: skip the malls and the stress and opt instead to feel good about the last-minute gifts you give. The options below allow you to gift a better world, and there are enough choices to hit every recipient right where it counts – in the heart. Continue reading

A Holiday Challenge

It’s one week before Christmas and I’m failing miserably. My holiday card is going to be another New Year’s card. My child’s holiday photos – which still need to be sent across the country – will not be ready for pick up until five days before Christmas. We have not yet gone to visit Santa despite the Groupon I purchased. And I have done nearly no shopping.

Of course, this is completely my fault. I challenged us this year. I’m so tired of the consumerism and excessive buying that Christmas has become that I challenged Eddy and I to buy nothing brand new. It can be second-hand, handmade, or an experience, i.e. a massage or yoga class punch card (hint, hint, hubby).  Continue reading