Fennel, Apple and Radish Salad

You may have already heard me mention the Earthbound Cook, a cookbook featuring 250 recipes for delicious food and a healthy planet, by Myra Goodman, co-founder of Earthbound Farm. She provides worthwhile eco-tips amongst great recipes, including some on egg labels that I shared earlier.

With a bounty of fresh radishes ready in the garden, this recipe was a perfect pick. The subtle anise flavor of fresh fennel partners perfectly with sweet and tart apple, and the radishes add just a bit of peppery heat. We enjoyed this salad with friends on a night with temps still in the 90s, and it paired perfectly with a chilled rose wine. Continue reading

Natural Garden Pest Control

It’s been a trying week. I’ve come home from work in a good mood only to look at my garden and instantly go on a war-path.

From this angle – it looks great. Everything is growing well, including our tomatoes and eggplant, both of which have flowers, as well as our green onions, herbs, and peppers with two babies getting bigger every day.

From this angle, not so great. The culprit? Earwigs, also knows as pincher bugs. Ew. And look what they did to my zuchini and basil in four days:

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The Garden of Your Mind

Photo courtesy of PBS Parents.

Did you grow up with Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood? I sure did, and consequently have wonderful memories of this children’s favorite which originally aired on PBS from 1968 to 2001. Remember the trolley that transported us from reality to the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe?” I just loved that pretend world filled with a king and queen and talking animals!

As an adult living in a much more fast-paced world, I can appreciate Mr. Rogers’ slow motions, soft-spoken words, and calm demeanor now more than ever before. My aunt once interviewed him while working at NPR in Boston and reported that none of it was a facade. The Presbyterian minister was exactly in real-life as he appeared on his show. What a treasure, don’t you think? Continue reading

Get Your Green on with Potted Herbs

I was discussing my garden plans with a friend recently when he confessed that he too really wants to grow something edible. The caveat: he lives in a flat downtown (read: no yard) and his balcony space is super limited. My advice: start with a few potted herbs.

Who says strawberry pots are just for berries? My mint loves its multi-level home, and is especially suited to a pot because it will take over a garden if not contained. Oh, and it’s key for those summertime iced teas and mojitos!

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Spring into Gardening

I gotta be honest, these crutches are limiting and tiresome, but I do as much as I can. In fact, I have mastered the art of washing dishes, doing laundry, and even cleaning the bathroom on one leg.

You see, I have a hard time sitting still.

So, as much as I love spending eight hours a day in the Legasus, a.k.a. CPM machine, I need something more. When SoulDaddy and K-Bear went for a hike last Saturday morning, I did next best thing I could: yard-sale’ing!  Continue reading