I’m not sure what it is about this summer – the hot dry temps maybe? – but the two apple trees in my neighbor’s yard are absolutely brimming with fruit!

Traci is already one of the best neighbors ever, accompanying me on walks and to yoga class, watching out for our dogs, offering energy work, and even digging through my recycling bin one morning this week when I had a panic attack on my way to work thinking my missing keys accidentally found their way there. Seriously. I’m that nuts and she’s that awesome. 🙂

And Traci happens to be the owner of said apple trees which she says have produced more fruit this year than in the eight previous years she’s lived there. Lucky for me, she graciously opened them up for picking. I can’t ever turn down an opportunity for free, beautiful, organic fruit! Continue reading

A Summary of Fresh Herbs

By now, those of you with gardens, weekly CSA pick-ups, or local farmer’s markets have kitchens bursting with fresh produce. Hopefully, there are some herbs in there too!

Who knew there were so many kinds and varieties of these fragrant and flavorful greens to choose from? Time to go beyond your typical sweet or Thai basil and look for red robin basil; trade Italian oregano for showy pink oregano; or pass up lemon balm for lavender bee balm. Can’t you just imagine the latter in a glass of fresh lemonade? Continue reading

Kid-Friendly Whole Wheat Hummus Roll-Ups

I absolutely adore hummus and so does K-Bear, who loves to dip into it with thinly sliced vegetables and whole grain crackers. She also gobbles it up (as do I!) in these roll-ups, fun finger food made even healthier by using whole wheat tortillas and fresh vegetables.

This recipe makes four small roll-ups, perfect for a summertime lunch, as they pack very easily for the beach, pool, park, trail or other excursion. For a heartier meal, serve with Italian Vegetable Soup for extra dipping fun! Continue reading

Fennel, Apple and Radish Salad

You may have already heard me mention the Earthbound Cook, a cookbook featuring 250 recipes for delicious food and a healthy planet, by Myra Goodman, co-founder of Earthbound Farm. She provides worthwhile eco-tips amongst great recipes, including some on egg labels that I shared earlier.

With a bounty of fresh radishes ready in the garden, this recipe was a perfect pick. The subtle anise flavor of fresh fennel partners perfectly with sweet and tart apple, and the radishes add just a bit of peppery heat. We enjoyed this salad with friends on a night with temps still in the 90s, and it paired perfectly with a chilled rose wine. Continue reading

Garden Fresh Tabbouli Salad

Thanks to our Armenian heritage, my family grew up eating a number of pretty delicious middle eastern foods, including tabbouli [tuh-boo-lee]. Like many traditional cultures, they had it right when it came to fresh, whole foods.

Tabbouli is a perfect summer salad, taking spectacular advantage of the garden’s bounty of tomatoes, parsley, green onions and cucumber. It’s light, refreshing, cleansing, and completely addictive. Continue reading

Go-Go Green Smoothie

Remember the 1980s’ era cartoon “Inspector Gadget?”  I do because I remember he could say “Go, Go Gadget [insert bionic body part here]” and instantly save the world. Or something like that.

That’s how I feel after this Green Drink. Go-Go Mommy. Go-Go Wife. Go-Go National Marketing Manager. Go-Go BFF. Just Go!

Usually I’m the one to pass along the “healthy” tips but Green Drink is something my friend Steph has been persuading me to make for years. Seriously, I can’t believe it took me so long to succumb to such a healthy, refreshing and cleansing beverage. Now, I’m hooked. I even moved my blender from the cabinet to the countertop to support my new habit!

Continue reading

Top 5 Food Rules to Live By

When it comes to eating, the options available to each of us these days is immense. We have a large number of food choices to make in any given day, and all those selections really add up, to good health or bad – your choice.

Regardless of the kind of diet you follow – carnivore, flexatarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, primal (seriously, who knew there were so many??) – there are five rules I think we can all abide by for better health. Continue reading

Fresh Pear and Toasted Walnut Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

PearWalnutSaladThe apple cider vinaigrette on this salad really pulls the flavors of cheese and fruit together. It originally came from where it was the companion to a roasted butternut squash salad. However, because saying the word “squash” sends SoulDaddy running for the door, I happily dished up another accompaniment for the flavorful vinaigrette.

Light and full of flavor, this salad is a perfect match for cooler weather when apples and pears also happen to be at their peak. It pairs beautifully with heavier cheese dishes such as fondue or homemade mac and cheese, but stands up just as well to a hearty soup or stuffing at your next table. Continue reading