Festive Beverage: Iced or Hot Pumpkin Pie

Hot chocolate and iced lattes, move over. Pumpkin is here.

If you do nothing else this week, you must try this recipe. If there is an easier way for a festive, delicious pumpkin fix, I have yet to find it. And frankly, I’m done searching. This. is. it. Doesn’t matter if you live in Des Moines or Daytona.

That’s because you can enjoy it hot or iced. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will any guests. This recipe makes one serving; multiply as necessary. Maybe even toss it in your slow cooker for a Thanksgiving day warm-up or holiday tree-trimming treat. Brilliant! Continue reading

Dive Right In: The Benefits of Water

Water. It takes up 71% of our earth’s surface. Of that, 96.5% is found in oceans, 1.7% in groundwater, and 1.7% in glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland. Water makes up 55% of an adult woman and 60% of an adult man. It is vital for all known forms of life.

If you’re like me, water is your primary beverage.  But how much of it do each of us really need to drink? And more importantly, with so little percentage of fresh water available and the rise of pollution in the world, how safe is that municipal water from your tap? Continue reading

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

You hear the words “carbon footprint” tossed around often these days, but what exactly is it and why does it matter? To put it simply, using coal, natural gas or oil for electricity, heat or transportation releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. These daily carbon dioxide emissions make up your carbon footprint.

Too much CO2 from our daily activities hurts the planet’s climate according to many sources, including the Sopris Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Aspen that focuses on preserving ranch land, keeping community intact in the face of changing land-use patterns, and working with Western leaders to develop a region-wide blueprint for livability.

This organization has taken the time to calculate the amount of CO2 used in three basic areas of daily living: (1) Home Energy; (2) Travel and Recreation; and (3) Food, Drink and Work. Comparing the numbers in each of the green, yellow and orange areas illustrates the power of the choices you make every day. Continue reading

Go-Go Green Smoothie

Remember the 1980s’ era cartoon “Inspector Gadget?”  I do because I remember he could say “Go, Go Gadget [insert bionic body part here]” and instantly save the world. Or something like that.

That’s how I feel after this Green Drink. Go-Go Mommy. Go-Go Wife. Go-Go National Marketing Manager. Go-Go BFF. Just Go!

Usually I’m the one to pass along the “healthy” tips but Green Drink is something my friend Steph has been persuading me to make for years. Seriously, I can’t believe it took me so long to succumb to such a healthy, refreshing and cleansing beverage. Now, I’m hooked. I even moved my blender from the cabinet to the countertop to support my new habit!

Continue reading