Top 25 Things I Have Yet to Do

Getting outside to hike – like on this recent trip to Glacier National Park – keeps life playful, but it’s important to keep bigger goals in mind too.

Last week, in my Inside Out class, I was tasked with something fairly difficult: making a list of 25 things I’ve always wanted to do, try or learn, but never have.

The good news is, I’ve been fortunate to seek out and accomplish a lot of cool things in my day: backpack Australia, bungee jump in New Zealand, zip line in Costa Rica, climb the Eiffel Tower, ramble through castles in Ireland, honeymoon in Jamaica, scuba dive in Baja, cruise around Mexico with my BFF, drink wine in Napa, hike 14,000 foot mountains, mountain bike the White Rim Trail, give birth naturally and well, you get the idea. I’m an adventurer at heart.

So at first thought, I didn’t believe I’d come up with 25 things. But the truth is that as adults especially, we tend to stop doing some of the cool things that we used to. In short, we stop playing. Continue reading

Hike and Seek!

According to National Wildlife Federation, today 25% of kids play outside daily—as opposed to 75% a generation ago. Wow! Hopefully, you all are already helping to change that, but if not here’s your chance.

Sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, Hike and Seek is a 1-2 mile nature hike and scavenger hunt for children of all ages, but is especially suited for toddlers to age 10. In addition to exploring what nature has to offer, this fundraising event helps families discover the health benefits of an active, outdoor childhood experience.

But you already knew that right?

You and your kids will enjoy the fun activity stations set up along the way featuring live animals, naturalists, crafts and more. Hope you can join the fun on one of these upcoming fall weekends in a city near you:

  • Chicago: September 29
  • Denver: September 29
  • Seattle: October 13
  • New Jersey, October 13
  • Washington, DC: October 20
  • Atlanta: October 27

Happy hiking!

Road Trippin’ and Healthy Eatin’

We leave tomorrow for our official summer vacation: a weeklong road trip to Montana to visit my brother and his awesome gal, as well as their new home in the hills of Missoula. There’s the rodeo and new farmer’s markets, floats on the river, and lots of hikes ahead of us. Personally, I can’t wait to make friends with their flock of chickens!

I can’t say how much blogging I’ll get done next week, but I’ll surely be posting pictures and snippets of our adventures – which include a side step to Glacier National Park – on Twitter and Facebook. I’d love for you to follow along!

In the meantime, don’t you just love a good road trip?

It’s a 13-hour drive from our place to theirs. Lots of time for happy tunes, scenic views and mind wandering thoughts. That is of course when one of us isn’t in the back seat trying to occupy K-Bear. I’ve got a bag of tricks ready to go, but what I haven’t added to it yet is snacks. Continue reading

From Toddler to Sous Chef: How to Get Your Child Cooking this Summer

As a mom, who doesn’t like a little more help around the kitchen? I can’t think of a better time to solicit help than summer, when extra hours have us – and our kids – begging for activities.

When K-Bear turned 18-months-old, I quickly learned she wanted to help with everything, including cooking. Her little body would exert all the effort she had to push a stool from the corner of the kitchen right up to the counter next to me where she would eagerly ask for a boost up. Ever since, she’s become my favorite sidekick in the kitchen. Continue reading