Toxic Couches Sit Not-so-Pretty

Today, as I scramble to put the finishing touches on the Soulicious Gift Guide – featuring unique and affordable, eco-friendly, fair trade or handmade items (Hooray!) – I am happy to welcome my friend, Lindsay Dahl with this guest post. Lindsay is the Executive Director of Safer Chemical Healthy Families, and she’s here to explain the results of a new study that show toxic chemicals in 85% of couches. Yikes! Makes you think twice the next time you sit to watch that Parenthood marathon! Welcome, Lindsay.

For most people, the only dangerous thing about your couch is the risk of spending money on a nice piece of furniture, only to have your cat shred it to pieces. But today a startling new peer-reviewed study came out in Environmental Science and Technology, showing that couches across America contain high levels of toxic chemicals. Great coverage of the study can be read on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. Continue reading

Two Chemicals to Purge from Your Bathroom

Among other things, fall often means it’s time to deep clean, and your bathroom is no exception.

I’m not just talking cleaning products here, although you should most certainly evaluate those as well (Remember, a solution of 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water is naturally anti-bacterial and works wonders!). But I’m talking beauty products, air fresheners and shower curtains.

Over the past few years, I’ve fully replaced my bath and beauty products with all-natural solutions, and feature glass doors on all our showers. I ditched all artificial fragrances too, and I gotta say, I never miss ’em. I have two good reasons: tricolsan and phthalates. Thanks to Healthy Child Healthy World for reminding me why and defining it well so I could share it with you. Continue reading

Supporting the Safe Chemicals Act

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about BPA in your canned food or phthalates in your plastics. Imagine having the peace of mind that the pan you are cooking dinner in won’t release a toxic chemical linked to cancer, or that the fragrance you’re breathing in isn’t linked to birth defects.

I am so thankful to my sister-in-law Lisa – another strong woman advocating for healthy change – for telling me about the Safe Chemicals Act! It has the power to protect us and our families from toxic chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm like infertility and birth defects, hormone disruption, asthma, and other serious illnesses by requiring chemicals to be proven safe before they are allowed for use in products. Continue reading