You too Can Go Green for Less

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. There are little steps you can take every day that will make your body and our planet healthier. Many will save you money. This week:  (1) Ditch the artificial fragrances; (2) Dust often; (3) Compost; (4) Turn off the lights and down the thermostat; and (5) Choose a dishwasher over hand-washing.

We’re up to 20 ideas now. How many can you check off? What more can we add?

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More Green for Less – Part 3

Happy Monday! It’s time for round three of ideas for going green on a budget. This week:  (1) Install a solar clothes dryer; (2) Replace your old light bulbs with energy efficient CFLs; (3) Get Growing; (4) Walk or ride your bike; and (5) Shop second hand.

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More Green for Less

I’ve had a few requests for posts lately from friends on how to “go green”  on a budget.

OK, it was from one friend, but who’s counting. Plus, she has great intentions and is supporting a family of five on one income. So it’s a valid request and one I think we can all benefit from, regardless of our income or the size of our family.  Continue reading