Top 5 Posts of 2012

It seems everyone in the blogging sphere is doing Top Posts for 2012. I’m really enjoying the reminders for articles I wanted to check out but didn’t get to, posts I did read and forgot about, etc. I thought the same might be helpful for you. Here, in no particular order, are the Top 5 posts clicked on for 2012 at The Soulicious Life. Coincidentally, they happen to be some of my favs too.  😉

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Here’s to your nourishing your body and your soul in 2013! Continue reading

The SAD Truth about Childcare Diets

Bear with me here. I don’t often rant, but a child’s diet is so important to me, and never has the truth about diet and childcare ever been more sad to me than now.

I chose to work four days per week – declaring Fridays special Mommy/Kiera days – which means that four days per week, K-Bear is in daycare. Which she loves. The problem: I don’t love the Standard American Diet (SAD). Continue reading

Natural Garden Pest Control

It’s been a trying week. I’ve come home from work in a good mood only to look at my garden and instantly go on a war-path.

From this angle – it looks great. Everything is growing well, including our tomatoes and eggplant, both of which have flowers, as well as our green onions, herbs, and peppers with two babies getting bigger every day.

From this angle, not so great. The culprit? Earwigs, also knows as pincher bugs. Ew. And look what they did to my zuchini and basil in four days:

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Watermelon and Mint: A Perfect Summer Match

Happy Summer Solstice! I for one will be cheers’ing (I’m sure that should be a correct verb) our longest day of the year tonight. We’ve had scorching temps here in Colorado, but luckily, I’ve found the most awesome way to cool down when we can’t hit the mountains or local pool.

Watermelon and mint make an incredibly refreshing combination, and both are natural diuretics, meaning they will help flush excess water from your system. Hey, anything to help with a flat tummy in all that skimpy summer wear! 🙂

The number of treat choices made with this pair of summer favorites are plentiful. The best part of the three ideas here is that none require measuring; it way too hot to bother with that. I’m all about simplicity, especially as the thermometer rises! Continue reading