A Note to my WordPress Followers

Have you heard yet?? I’ve moved to a self-hosted site at www.SouliciousLife.com!

Yippee! However, one BIG downside is the loss of many faithful readers who followed me via WordPress. If that was you, I am so sad to see you go.

But alas, it doesn’t have to be goodbye!

To keep in touch and ensure you don’t miss another post regarding nourishment for your body, your soul or the planet, please take a moment and subscribe via email, RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

Alternatively – and for those addicted to your Reader – you can utilize WordPress’s instructions for manually adding my new site to your Reader.

Thank you for your loyal followship and I look forward to seeing you at www.SouliciousLife.com!

Gift Giving Etiquette Tips for the Holidays

gift1I found this post on Yuzen, a great little company that offers you the opportunity to sign up to receive a little zen each month with a surprise collection of luxurious, healthy and eco-friendly products. According to their website, Yuzen allows you to “experience premium products in the comfort of your own home that nourish your body and soul.”

Sound familiar? It’s so totally Soulicious! No, I’ve not had the opportunity to try their service, but I think the concept makes a nice monthly gift to yourself. I also really like these practical tips for gift giving. They are a good reminder any time of the year, but especially during the holiday season. Continue reading

Top 25 Health & Wellness Moms – Thank You!

Remember that silly little contest for which I kept begging asking you to cast a vote for me? Well, clearly all of my pestering reminders worked. Thanks to you – my awesome family, friends and readers – I made it – at #16 to be exact. 

WOW! Seriously! SoulMomma is smiling big and full of gratitude. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Savvy: Homemade Granola

Can I share my new obsession with you? Granola. No, not the store-bought stuff – good as yours is, Udi – but the homemade stuff. The slow cooker kind. Softer than the hard, oven-cooked granola you might be familiar with, it is completely addictive (not to mention easy on your mouth).

It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper to make your own than to buy it, and incredibly versatile too, so use whatever you have on-hand in your pantry. Swap pure maple syrup for raw honey, walnuts for almonds, dried cranberries for raisins. Creativity is the name of the game, and the result is perfect for submerging in milk, sprinkling on yogurt or snacking on straight from the bag. Hint: we devoured an entire batch on our recent road trip! Continue reading