Wake Up Stretch: A 5 Minute Yoga Sequence

Thanks to Charmed Yogi for sharing this great infographic! Even if you only have 5 minutes in the morning, a focused, intentional stretch can go a long way in starting your day off balanced, stress-free and pain-free. Here’s a quick sequence if you’re short on time or want ease yourself into a regular morning yoga practice.


Here’s to a happy start to your day!

Yoga and Ski Retreats

Yoga Ski RetreatWow, can it be that the holidays are already here? We’ve finally been getting some snow here in Colorado which always makes Christmas feel that much more special. But the white stuff has put just one thing on my mind: skiing! It’s the reason I moved to Colorado 15 years ago, and it still puts a smile on my face all these years later. As does yoga!

Finding a retreat that combines time on the hill with time on the mat would be a dream! So as I bid adieu to you until January 1 (with a special surprise or two!), and set off to enjoy my time away from work and with the family, I am happy to welcome Matt Candelaria, a friend of mine from Gaiam TV, with this guest post. 

Happy holidays, my friends! I hope you all get a little yoga as well as a little skiing or other outdoor playtime over the holiday break! xoxo Continue reading

Wanderlust Summer 2013 Dates Announced

WL2013-save-the-dates538Have you heard of Wanderlust? I hadn’t either until I came across it in Body and Soul Magazine earlier this year and got all excited – until I saw the Colorado date had passed. Boo!

But alas, Wanderlust will be back at Copper Mountain July 4-7, 2013 – as well as in Vermont (June 20-23, 2013), California (July 18-21, 2013) and Whistler (August 1-4, 2013). Full lineups will be announced in early 2013, but you can be assured they will be loaded with mountainside fun, including yoga, music, hiking, paddle board yoga, organic food and wine events, the Speakeasy lecture series, the Wanderkind kid’s program and so much more. Continue reading

National Yoga-Recess Campaign Aims to Bring Yoga into Classrooms

Thanks to A Charmed Yogi for bringing this brilliant campaign to my attention. If you are a teacher, principal or parent of a school-aged child, I hope you will consider championing this program at your school. Free materials and assistance are available.

Yoga-Recess in Schools is a national campaign to bring yoga-based health education into classrooms. Providing free online resources like instructional videos and lesson plans will make it easy and fun for school teachers to integrate yoga into their teaching schedule. This allows children to benefit from balancing their body and mind through breathing and stretching exercises. The national campaign will peak with Yoga-Recess Day, Friday January 25, 2013 with hundreds of participating school teachers and organizations. Continue reading

Yoga Retreat to Benefit Sanctuary for Research Animals

Swirl the dog, one of many lives saved by Kindness Ranch.

Practicing yoga and helping animals in need are very near and dear to my heart, so I’m thrilled to have this guest post today from Elena Mikhaylova. A yoga instructor in the Denver area, she is planning a weekend yoga retreat at Kindness Ranch, an animal sanctuary for research animals, in Heartville – I know, cute right! – Wyoming.

The September 7-9 stress relief focused weekend will include workshops on meditation, reiki and nutrition led by Sophia S. Paul as well as Bhakti flow and Doga (yoga for visitors and a dog from the ranch) led by Stephanie Uvalle. Visitors will also have the chance to take a tour of the ranch, work with the volunteers and animals, and hike in nearby Guernsey State ParkBeautiful Wyoming vistas? Yoga? Animals? Fabulous yurt accommodations? I’m in!  

Welcome, Elena! Continue reading

Giveaway: Celebrate My Birthday with a Pair of Yoga Paws!

I love my Yoga Paws. Launched in 2003 by a mother/daughter team, Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves worn on your hands and/or feet, a concept best described by their tagline: “The Yoga Mat You Wear.”

I came across them only recently and thought they were incredibly nifty. I contacted Yoga Paws, and Jaime, the daughter half of the Yoga Paws team, responded enthusiastically.

It’s clear that she has a passion for not only yoga and her product, but also for sharing good energy and positive thoughts. She quickly sent me a pair of Yoga Paws “Elite” in forest green, and I’ve been playing around with them ever since I got the go-ahead from my PT three months post-hip surgery.

One word: fun! Continue reading

Yoga and Your Emotions: Relish in the Release

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of posts here lately. Quite frankly, I’ve been a bit burned out. It happens to the best of us, no matter how well we try to navigate this journey called (The Soulicious) Life. I think mine stemmed in part from SoulDaddy being on the road and in the air quite a bit over the past few weeks which translated into lots of single momma time for me.

But I’m also burned out on PT (gee – after only 4 months!) and juggling a myriad of bids and contractors for a variety of large landscape projects, including a new fence, sprinkler re-design, and patio. Oh, and I still have that day job thing too.

So, finally, finally, finally, I made it back to yoga class this week, and got much more than I expected. Continue reading

Power of the Morning Sun

I knew it would be tough, but this recovery thing is a looooong road! I am often frustrated that I can’t do as much as I used to, even simple things like walking the dogs any great distance or trekking to a lunch meeting across downtown.

Seriously folks, I am a girl who does not often slow down, so this is an ongoing lesson in patience. And frankly, I wish to hell it was over. But though I am sore by the time I crawl into bed at night, I remind myself that I’m slowly able to walk a bit further every week.

With that in mind, I’m trying to start every day on a positive note. The focus of my PT these days is strength and stretching, which makes me very happy, and the sun salutation accomplishes both of these goals. It is my favorite way to start the day, and never more so than now.  Continue reading

The Yogic Relationship

Back before there was a K-Bear, SoulDaddy and I used to go to yoga together every Tuesday night. It became my favorite day of the week, and I deeply miss that shared practice.

But you don’t have to practice together to benefit from the enlightenment that yoga can shed on romance. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a little bit of relationship advice by way of yoga: The Yogic Relationship.

Remember, every good relationship is always a work in progress. As with yoga itself, it is only with dedication and practice that we get better.