Spring into Gardening

I gotta be honest, these crutches are limiting and tiresome, but I do as much as I can. In fact, I have mastered the art of washing dishes, doing laundry, and even cleaning the bathroom on one leg.

You see, I have a hard time sitting still.

So, as much as I love spending eight hours a day in the Legasus, a.k.a. CPM machine, I need something more. When SoulDaddy and K-Bear went for a hike last Saturday morning, I did next best thing I could: yard-sale’ing!  Continue reading

You too Can Go Green for Less

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. There are little steps you can take every day that will make your body and our planet healthier. Many will save you money. This week:  (1) Ditch the artificial fragrances; (2) Dust often; (3) Compost; (4) Turn off the lights and down the thermostat; and (5) Choose a dishwasher over hand-washing.

We’re up to 20 ideas now. How many can you check off? What more can we add?

For to read the full details, click here.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Construction on the new master suite is complete, as in the punch-list is done complete. This is a big deal; it means I can finally sleep at night. And we all know how important a good night’s sleep is.

Well, I didn’t until I had an infant who wanted to eat every four hours who grew into a toddler who started calling for me in the dark of night every time she couldn’t find Piglet. But that’s another post.  Continue reading

Holiday Gift Challenge: A Recap

As many of you are aware, I set an informal rule on our holiday gift giving this year. Specifically, I challenged SoulDaddy (that’s Ed) and I to purchase gifts for each other and as many of our family members as we could that were (1) new-to-us, (2) homemade, or (3) an experience. Continue reading

More Green for Less – Part 3

Happy Monday! It’s time for round three of ideas for going green on a budget. This week:  (1) Install a solar clothes dryer; (2) Replace your old light bulbs with energy efficient CFLs; (3) Get Growing; (4) Walk or ride your bike; and (5) Shop second hand.

For details, click here.

A Holiday Challenge

It’s one week before Christmas and I’m failing miserably. My holiday card is going to be another New Year’s card. My child’s holiday photos – which still need to be sent across the country – will not be ready for pick up until five days before Christmas. We have not yet gone to visit Santa despite the Groupon I purchased. And I have done nearly no shopping.

Of course, this is completely my fault. I challenged us this year. I’m so tired of the consumerism and excessive buying that Christmas has become that I challenged Eddy and I to buy nothing brand new. It can be second-hand, handmade, or an experience, i.e. a massage or yoga class punch card (hint, hint, hubby).  Continue reading

A (Re)purposeful Weekend

I came home sick on Monday with an ear infection and a throat that felt like it had been sliced with razor blades. Apparently traveling through airports, hosting parties, and caring for a sick toddler finally caught up with me. But there is an upside to this.

I got to hang out all afternoon in our new master suite. With no husband or child. Just me, my peppermint tea, and a couple of dogs happy for the opportunity to cuddle up.

Barring some carpet in the closet and a long punch list, construction is nearly complete. All I needed was the “nearly” part and we eagerly moved in. But there was some serious space to fill.  Continue reading

More Green for Less

I’ve had a few requests for posts lately from friends on how to “go green”  on a budget.

OK, it was from one friend, but who’s counting. Plus, she has great intentions and is supporting a family of five on one income. So it’s a valid request and one I think we can all benefit from, regardless of our income or the size of our family.  Continue reading

Fifty Bucks is Fifty Bucks

I love Craig’s List. Mostly because I am the most frugal person I know and it tends to yield “free” money and the best of bargains. However, I also I love the idea of keeping things out of the landfill that others would find useful.

Take for instance a single vanity we bought in 2003 for our first house. We were broke so I’m sure it was the least-expensive-but-still-nice-looking-vanity that Home Depot sold. Continue reading