Happy Holidays!

I’m on day four of what I am calling my 12 Days of Christmas: 12 days off from work over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Yipeee! I’m incredibly thankful to K-Bear’s daycare mom for taking a well-deserved break and gifting me this first-ever, extended holiday staycation.

Our first three days were spent baking and delivering goodies to the neighbors, gathering with friends for our annual Zoo Lights excursion, wrapping gifts and snuggling with K-Bear. There is something about the peace and beauty of these days leading to Christmas that make me forever happy and grateful for all we have.

I’ll be busy this week with a painting project in the house, and a snowshoe or two thanks to a winter storm coming our way just in time for a white Christmas. I’ll see you back on January 1 with a surprise!

Until then, from my family to yours, I wish you a holiday week filled with peace and love, fresh air adventures and a multitude of smiles and surprises that only a fat man in a red suit can deliver. 😉

Daly Family




10 Ways to Think Outside the Proverbial Gift Box

I love the holiday season! That includes scoping out the neighbors’ holiday lights on the way home each evening; listening to holiday music in my office; gathering with friends for our annual HoliDaly party; sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree each night; and introducing K-bear to Santa, There is simply so much to enjoy!

What I don’t enjoy? The commercialism; the onset of Christmas in stores before Halloween candy has been handed out; the endless ads luring us to buy this and spend on that. I enjoy choosing gifts for my friends and family, but I prefer that those gifts that enhance our local community, celebrate local talent, provide to hard-working folks, or upcycle items in some special way, rather than simply put money into the pocket of another large corporation. Continue reading

2012 Soulicious Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade, Handmade


Eeek! I’m so excited! When it comes to gifts, I love to seek out the unique, the useful and the fun. I also feel best when I spend my money on products that make the world a little bit better.

So move over Oprah’s Favorite Things! In the Soulicious spirit, I’ve scouted ten gifts for you that are eco-friendly, handmade or fair trade. They are all unique, affordable items you can feel good about giving, and those who receive them will be delighted. It was a tough job, but I’ve tested each and every one, and I hope you love them as much as I do. You might even find yourself buying yourself a special something for yourself, as of course you should! 🙂

Happy gift giving … Fa la la la la, la la la la! Continue reading

Family 5K and the Importance of Fitness Goals

Happy belated Thanksgiving wishes, my friends! My apologies for disappearing over the past few days, but I’m sure you understand what it’s like to have a house full of guests, dinner to cook and memories to make. Oh, and lots and lots of Fig and Walnut Stuffing to eat! Best. recipe. ever. I will have to share with you for 2013!

Our weekend started with a 5K Turkey Trot bright and early on Thanksgiving morning. Team Soulicious Life was a family affair that included myself, SoulDaddy, K-Bear, Mom Daly, my sister-in-law, Sharon, and her fiance, Nick.

Continue reading

Top 25 Healthy Living Blogs

Happy Thursday friends! It’s my Friday and as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also been nominated for Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Health and Wellness Moms 2012. I’m so honored!

But I’m also desperately in need of votes to make this happen. I’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to head over and hit the “vote” button next to The Soulicious Life.

In fact, I’d be down right thrilled!  🙂  You can vote once per day up until November 1.

Thanks in advance for your vote, but most importantly for the support you provide every day by reading and commenting. This little ol’ space of mine in the blog world has grown slow and steady over the past year, and it’s truly awesome. It’s such a happy place for me, and I couldn’t have done it without you!

100-Year-Old Oak Trees and Others Worth Saving

Last Friday, K-bear and I awoke to a rare sound in our neighborhood: chain saws. We looked outside only to find our neighbor a few houses down had commissioned a tree service to cut down a beautiful 33-year-old maple tree.

Instantly my heart sank. There were no signs of disease or structural risk. I wanted to shield K-bear from this sight which surely counted as an atrocity. Continue reading

Don’t Miss Free Museum Day Across the U.S.: September 29

Thanks to Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live!, you can visit a number of fantastic museums for FREE on September 29. Unfortunately for those of Colorado, it also happens to fall on the day of Hike and Seek, but if the weather is a wash, you can bet we’ll trade in the trails for the brand new History Colorado Center!

To receive your free Museum Day Live! Ticket for two people, head over here and fill in your information. They’ll immediately send you an email to print a ticket for the museum of your choice. Continue reading

Create the Life you Love

Creating the life I want to life is something I – and hopefully you too – strive for everyday, but even the best of us need help at times. Often I feel trapped by motherhood, by routine, by my job. I’m sure it’s something everyone encounters at one point or another. Do you?

Well, me who never wins anything, won two things in four days this week. Yup, I should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket.

Win number one was a free entry into a local race this coming Sunday. Pretty cool, right? With the new hip, I’m not quite up for running the 10K, but I can sure give the 5K a shot. It’s at 8 a.m. (gasp!) on a Sunday morning, and surely that sunrise jog will feel good; it’s been WAY too long! Who am I kidding; I’m just going for the free food at Panera Bread afterwards. Hello, yummy!

Win number two was even better. Continue reading


I’m not sure what it is about this summer – the hot dry temps maybe? – but the two apple trees in my neighbor’s yard are absolutely brimming with fruit!

Traci is already one of the best neighbors ever, accompanying me on walks and to yoga class, watching out for our dogs, offering energy work, and even digging through my recycling bin one morning this week when I had a panic attack on my way to work thinking my missing keys accidentally found their way there. Seriously. I’m that nuts and she’s that awesome. 🙂

And Traci happens to be the owner of said apple trees which she says have produced more fruit this year than in the eight previous years she’s lived there. Lucky for me, she graciously opened them up for picking. I can’t ever turn down an opportunity for free, beautiful, organic fruit! Continue reading

Stray Dog Joins Cyclists on Race to Tibet

By now you must know I am a lover of all animals. This story from Sierra Club really caught my heart and brought a smile to my day. Hope it does yours as well!

A shaggy little stray dog joined a team of cross-country cyclists and raced into the hearts of thousands of fans across China.

The group of cyclists was five days into a 1,700 kilometer race from Sichuan Province to Llasa, Tibet, when they spotted the ball of white fur lying in the sun on the side of National Highway 318.

One of the cyclists, 22-year-old Xiao Yong, tossed a chicken drumstick to the little canine and evidently struck up a bond, because she began to follow them. Continue reading