Top 5 Posts of 2012

It seems everyone in the blogging sphere is doing Top Posts for 2012. I’m really enjoying the reminders for articles I wanted to check out but didn’t get to, posts I did read and forgot about, etc. I thought the same might be helpful for you. Here, in no particular order, are the Top 5 posts clicked on for 2012 at The Soulicious Life. Coincidentally, they happen to be some of my favs too.  😉

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Making Self-Respect a Priority

Like many of you, I am distraught, saddened, and sick to my stomach over the recent shootings in Sandy Point, CT. As a parent of a young child, I cannot fathom the pain of this community, most especially those who lost loved ones. Sweet, innocent children filled with love and yearning taken from this life too early and for no good reason. Brave and selfless adults who gave their lives to save others. Families left devastated.

There are no words.

As we head into the holiday week and start thinking about a new year, it’s easy to get carried away with things that aren’t important. For me, my priorities have been – and remain to be – taking care of my family and boasting my self-worth.

Continue to keep your life’s priorities in mind and in perspective as we move through the peak of this holiday season. Remember who and what is most important to you and keep it close.

Self respect is a work in progress, an everyday reminder to act on the things in life that truly count:

Self Respect

My very best wishes to you for a holiday filled with peace, love and of course, self-respect. Please remember to keep those less fortunate than you in your thoughts. Let us all send loving energy their way so they may navigate through unimaginable difficulties to heal and prosper again as best they can.


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30 Days of Giving Thanks

Wow, can you believe it’s November already? As if being knee deep in pumpkins, fallen leaves and homemade bunny costumes isn’t fun enough, I’m getting excited for the family to arrive in town for another crazy fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.

Because Thanksgiving means pumpkin cheesecake. You see, I have so much to be thankful for in my life, but pumpkin cheesecake definitely tops the list.

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On The Mend: My Lessons Learned from Surgery

A few months ago, I joined a team of moms with LiveWell Colorado, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring healthy eating and active living in Colorado. Although Colorado is often touted as America’s “leanest” state, we are, unfortunately, not immune to the growing health crisis of obesity.

In fact nearly 58 percent of Colorado adults and 25 percent of our children are overweight or obese. And we’re getting worse. LiveWell Colorado was formed to take a leadership role in tackling the complex problem of obesity and realizing the vision of all Coloradans embracing a healthier lifestyle.

The LiveWell Colorado mission is right in line with my healthy living spirit, and I am proud to join a group of local moms who share a common desire to help influence healthier choices across our home state and beyond.

In the spirit of sharing, I’ve posted an article on their site that shares my holistic approach to surgical recovery. I fully credit these steps with getting me back on my feet and hitting the trails, not once, but twice. It’s an amazing journey to look back on and one that has only made me stronger.

On The Mend: My Lessons Learned from Surgery

Like many active Coloradans, I take every advantage to get outside and play. I have three bikes hanging in our garage: one for the road, one for the mountains and one for cruising with a toddler. On lazy week nights, I let our two dogs walk us around the well-worn paths near our house. On weekends, I look forward to longer family adventures.

At 37, few would guess I’ve endured two major orthopedic surgeries in less than four years. Though both grueling six-to-twelve-month-long recoveries tested me physically, mentally and emotionally, I’ve come back – even with a pregnancy tossed in! And you can, too.

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Falling Gracefully into Autumn

Happy Monday! As a Leo, I am always amazed that I re-charge by being at home and quiet. For someone who thrives on adventure, I definitely balance that with being a homebody at heart.

Friday brought our first snowflakes of the season, a cold snap that continued on Saturday with drizzle and overcast skies. I can’t tell you what a blessing that is here in Colorado where we have 350 days of sunshine a year.

Seriously, sometimes you just crave those cold, dreary fall days as an excuse to be inside with the warmth of flickering candles, wearing pajamas until 4 p.m, cooking, baking, and coloring paper pumpkins with K-bear. These sorts of days relax my mind and fill my heart with gratitude. Continue reading

Top 25 Things I Have Yet to Do

Getting outside to hike – like on this recent trip to Glacier National Park – keeps life playful, but it’s important to keep bigger goals in mind too.

Last week, in my Inside Out class, I was tasked with something fairly difficult: making a list of 25 things I’ve always wanted to do, try or learn, but never have.

The good news is, I’ve been fortunate to seek out and accomplish a lot of cool things in my day: backpack Australia, bungee jump in New Zealand, zip line in Costa Rica, climb the Eiffel Tower, ramble through castles in Ireland, honeymoon in Jamaica, scuba dive in Baja, cruise around Mexico with my BFF, drink wine in Napa, hike 14,000 foot mountains, mountain bike the White Rim Trail, give birth naturally and well, you get the idea. I’m an adventurer at heart.

So at first thought, I didn’t believe I’d come up with 25 things. But the truth is that as adults especially, we tend to stop doing some of the cool things that we used to. In short, we stop playing. Continue reading

Why Not to Multi-Task

According to a 2011 study by Careerbuilder,  nearly half of employers (45 percent) think workers at their organization are currently burned out on their jobs. Although this was a survey of employers specifically, the word “job” easily extends beyond the office to include parents and bloggers. After all, those are full-time positions for many, part-time for others. And what about those of us who are juggling all three?

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