6 Tips to Saving on Heating This Winter

Winter Brrr… we’ve been in a freeze here the past few weeks, as in snow from before Christmas still lingers on the ground, a rarity here on the front range of Colorado. Sure, we get plenty of sun, but once darkness falls and the temp drops even further, I find myself asking SoulDaddy all too often how soon we can move to the beach.

The irony is that I used to ski 120 days a year in the cold with never a chill. Now, I get cold just walking the dogs for 30 minutes and find myself hustling home to huddle by the fire. 

Our gas fireplace is a huge bonus this time of year, and I find myself turning it on nightly. I grew up in a home that was heated nearly entirely by a wood stove, and there is something comforting and cozy about curling up by the flickering flames, content with a good book and a cup of tea. Or in the case of New Year’s Eve, a pot of fondue and few glasses of champagne.

New Years Fire

But I digress. The truth is that being the frugal and energy conservative minded person I am, we keep our programmable thermostat at 59 degrees during the day while we are gone. It warms to 62 once we get home, but I find myself putting it up to 64 these days or turning on the fireplace. At night, we drop the temp to 58!


Some people think we’re nuts, but we prefer to sleep in cool air and cuddle under warm blankets, resulting in a deep rest. We do however use a space heater in K-Bear’s room, understanding she doesn’t have another warm body to huddle with; I hardly think Piglet gives off much warmth. 😉

Therefore, I was happy to see that both the use of a programmable thermostat and space heater hit the EPA’s top 6 list of ways to save on heating this winter. I love infographics and this one is no exception.


That said, I’m off to put on a nice heavy sweater and a fuzzy hat. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet entered my Happy New Year contest to win a beautiful and fun Upcycled Sari Bag, please do so here. You have until midnight, January 8.

What steps do you take to conserve energy during these cold months?

Where could you do better?


3 thoughts on “6 Tips to Saving on Heating This Winter

  1. It certainly was nice to have a truly White Christmas here in CO!
    Our space heater is on from the moment we get home from work till the morning. We also use an electric blanket on the bed because our bedroom is the coldest room. So we only heat the living room and bedroom when needed, though I imagine the individual heated throw blankets we got this Christmas don’t help conserve as much. And whenever I use the oven I leave the door open to let the residual heat out while it cools down once I turn it off. It helps a little.

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